Japanizam 2013 – Day 3

Day 3 is over.

There were some fantastic lectures and shows today and I managed to catch a glimpse at the end of AMV 8. AMV  is Sakurabana’s tradition for years now, people take scenes from different anime, combine them to correspond to the background music that has to be local (from Serbia).

So here is a short video link just to show the mood and how many people visited AMV8 : http://s969.photobucket.com/user/Kvarta126/media/PICT0023_zpse78bcd79.mp4.html

From workshops I have to mention MUGEN – Creative Manga workshop that was held by Sakurabana’s manga – sensei Mina Petrović and Vladimir Prodanović, both of them are teachers of manga style comic book drawing in Sakurabana. Unfortunately all my pictures are blurry so pictures will follow after (when I get them from somebody else – gomennasai!! ^^’ )

The highlight of the day where two competitions: Tekken Tournament for girls “Girl Power: Women’s Iron Fist Tournament” – the winner of Tekken tournament will represent our country in Bucharest and Competition in card games like Yu-Gi-Ohh etc…


Artist Alley was crowded today, it is a weekend day so many people from other city’s  came today.



And other countries ^-^



Since tomorrow is grand finale of convention – most wanted and expected cosplay competition today where final tryout day for competitors. Many of them were strolling around in their costumes to the enjoyment of the visitors.



And I just had to take picture with our dear Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)



With this I wish you all good night, tomorrow is a big day for me as well. I won’t compete but I will be in my costume so some preparations have to be made tonight…some sleep would be welcome to 😉

See you on day 4 :*