#‎CCSAKURABANA‬ High School Festival – summary

Festival was on Sunday. And that Sunday morning was everything but sunny. Heavy gray clouds and small but constant rain followed by cold wind greeted me that morning. I took that as bad sign – even I wasn’t too willing to go out in that weather. Gloomy morning was followed with few other minor setbacks before I managed to go out of my front door.

Needless to say, moment when I reached club where Festival supposed to be held I was in a state of  nerve wreak. Luckily in the club where already Borivoje and Damien with Marija and some volunteers and they helped me to loose up a bit. People start to come and we had a busy task of adjusting club’s space to suite our needs. By 16:00 when our first teams started to show up things did look much better.

High mood and optimism of people around me was contagious. My “kids” (sill have in mind – they are teenagers) where busy an dedicated to their task. You could feel their excitement and optimism like electricity in the air. Music and laughter filled all the corners of Wait & Stay Club.

Some had problems with their outfits

Others prepared their booths

Our volunteers where ready too

Same as our maids

All was set and 10 minutes before official start people started to “break in” so we opened our doors. Festival officially  started. And I have to say – it was huge and undeniable success!!! 

Number of visitors was exceeded our expectations. And atmosphere was … I can’t describe it properly with words. Everybody had fun – our teams as well as guests. This was Festival but at the same time a fund-raiser for CCSakurabana, but in one point we all forgot about fund raising part and we where all just sucked in to the swirl of good mood and fun. Maybe words can’t describe but we have video to show you how it all looked like

And photos as well

 And we had some media representatives, so we have a great photo gallery on nadlanu.com portal magazine (check out the link!): http://www.nadlanu.com/pocetna/zabava/Manga-festival-Beogradski-srednjoskolci-prikupljaju-sredstva-za-svoj-kulturni-centar.g-1795437.131.html
nd in Monday local newspaper a small article about event:

In the end We where happy and tired but with that hyper feeling that you have when life trow you a great and fantastically overwhelming surprise. We gathered descent sum of money for our future Cultural Center Sakurabana. But most importantly we had Festival that made all our “kids” happy and satisfied – truly anime/j-drama/blog footage’s and texts like event. It was clear to us that something like this gonna happen again, a unspoken promise to all Sakurabana’s members and to us.

But more than anything else, to me, this was a proof that even if it seems like we are swim against the tide and fight with windmills – we are doing the right thing  and all our efforts are worthwhile! So we will keep on fighting!!!


Support for Cultural Center Sakurabana #CCSakurabana

What is Sakurabana? I know I’m often mentioning them in my blog, but they are not just some NGO that holds a festival two times a year, they are so much more. For me they have a special meaning and special place in my life.

Sakurabana is NGO that promotes Japanese pop culture, it was created from group of enthusiast, young people who had nothing more than love for Japanese pop culture and a dream, connected trough newly arrived wonder of modern technology – internet. Ok, in this point I can do a PR for them – but I won’t. If you want to know more about Sakurabana just watch this video (and if you are not Serbian native speaker make sure to turn on the English subtitles):

Now, as you all know earlier this year my country was devastated with sever floods,  and we are still struggling with consequences,  at that time Sakurabana did the best they could with gathering money and provisions for people affected with floods.  Most of our government resources are transferred for rebuilding what was destroyed, and that’s how it suppose to be.  But, at the same time that is where Sakurabana’s problems start.

These young people don’t sit and lament, they don’t throw “angry fist” at government for rebuilding a country. They have a dream and they working towards it. So what did they do? They started a project to raise a money for Culture Center Sakurabana. More about the project you can see on this video(this one is in English):

You can help them just by spreading the word (in that case please use  hastag) or by donating to their Indiegogo account (there are many great perks like  beautifuly works or some #OriSor stuff for cosplay lovers) : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cultural-center-sakurabana  .

 I do want tell you what Sakurabana means to me and why. In this point you may stop reading if you are not interested, but then again you can go on and learn some more about Sakurabana and what they mean to people and  specially kids who are just like me.

I had a luck in my life, I meet a friend who was half Japanese when I was a kid, so somewhere in 80’s, and that’s how I fell in love with Japanese culture – traditional but also popular. Now if you have interest in opther county culture, traditional one – people can understand that, even appreciate. But!, if you like popular culture which is totally unknown in your country…well, that’s a whole different story. People perceive you as weird.

I was one of those weird, geeky kids. In time I learned to function in society by giving a “socially accepted” answers to most basic questions like: “What is your favorite band?” or “What is your favorite actor?” – truth is I had friends but I was feeling alone. Like wearing a mask all the time, not able to really connect to people and not having anyone to shear my interests with, always on a lookout for slip of a tongue that may lead to being ridiculed or bullied.

When I meet people from Sakurabana I found my little peace of heaven. I had topics with them that I could discuss, we shared same interests. When you live your life in fear of being rejected for your interests, that doesn’t help you with self-confidence – trust me on that one!!!  People from Sakurabana where the ones who encouraged me to start promoting my handcraft, first of all Mina  a wery talented young lady.

And even now, when problems of everyday life pile up on me I go to Sakurabana – place where I can be myself. Just for a little chit-chat about my favorite music band or some new movie/drama. But Sakurabana is not some club we gather for a cup of chit-chat, they have so many educational activities like manga school, lectures and workshops.

Okay this is enough for today, but I’ll be telling you more about fundraising projects and Sakurabana activities in near future.

Japanizam 2014 – summary

I promised and now is time to live up to my promise. Small warning – this will be a loooooooooooong text, I have to write about remaining 3 days of Japanizam convention 2014.  🙂

After the first day which I was writing about in previous text Japanizam 2014 – day 1, , I have to say one big THANK YOU to my Mila for lending me her skirt so I didn’t have to sit in my wet clothes the first day <3.

THE second day

The second day begun with me chasing a new pair of shoes. Someone at the bus stepped on the sole of my sandal and managed to rip it off. Well I have to rant a bit, I had a mini cosplay costume on and in 7 out of 10 stores I walked in sales person just ignored me, and only after I somehow managed to find new shoes and reached the Youth Center with a minimum delay – crowd was already there.


Second day was bit slower for us in Artist Alley but not too much. Nevertheless I did manage to take pictures of participants. And it was so many familiar faces there beside me (ofc 😀 )

Sulless Art Jewelery


Gunpla Srbija



Cajkin kovčežić s blagom



Mila do Tokija


Tanja Nikolić


Villena Viscaria i Sardonyx Lace


Teodora Novak


Kaleidoskop Ceca


Motor T Shirts




BETA-goth jewelry


Kreativno nakit




Jelena Čarnaus i Lana Ristić


Pumpkin Workshop


Dunja Dimić


Manga radionicaDelusor cosplay i Mistiqarts


Miyu Mania


Dora Somova



Festina Lente





Grenadier BeogradPICT0009-3

Sakura Shop

PICT0067 PICT0066


Ambasada Japana u SrbijiPICT0069PICT0068

I drugi:

PICT0054 PICT0011-2

And I managed to catch some OriSor moments ( #followingBorivojeIRL #followingOriSorinreallife  #OriSor  #AOT) 🙂

PICT0063 PICT0064

I did grab an 1h of free time to wist one lecture held by Juićiro Omori-san about Modern Japanese music

PICT0017-2 PICT0018-2 PICT0022-2 PICT0023-2 PICT0024-2 PICT0025-2 PICT0026-2 PICT0027-2 PICT0029-2 PICT0030 PICT0031 PICT0032


By the end of day 2 I had no nekomimi hairbands and neko chokers left, so my concerns were turned towards attempt to make some more of those which was hard considering the fact that I had only 3 more hairbands and 5 more bells left home.

Day 3 was slow, slow with sale, which wasn’t such a bad thing for me. I  managed to take snapshots of some people in cosplay, mostly our guests from Hungary and Bulgaria

PICT0003 PICT0004 PICT0005 PICT0006 PICT0007 PICT0033 PICT0034

And some of our cosplayers as well



And YES!!! I did manage to have two things that made me really happy! I finally bought corset, once again THANK YOU Villena! And I have some pictures with Nazgul (one of cosplayers from Hungary)

10536469_903866416296083_448983985_n 10521471_903866496296075_1667489755_n

A friend of mine, journalist was with us on a third day, she has a photo gallery of cosplayers and my recommendation is to take a pic at it HERE 😉

Day4, most expected day of convention, COSPLAY DAY!!! And I was dead tired, but I managed to stay awake and present most of the day, unfortunately not long enough to see cosplay competition 😥 . I did snap pictures of some cosplayers tho:

PICT0001-2 PICT0005-2 PICT0006-2 PICT0007-2 PICT0010-2 PICT0011 PICT0016 PICT0017 PICT0019 PICT0020 PICT0021 PICT0022 PICT0025 PICT0026 PICT0027

For pictures from competition I suggest this page (they will put pictures soon) Konvencija Japanizam 2014.

As I said before, I was stuck at my post on Artist Alley and I missed so much from lectures to shows, but from what I heard everything was more than fantastic, people had only best comments.

While I was dragging myself on a way home, half a sleep and sad because I’m missing best part of the day I did manage to take few snapshots of plato in front of Youth center.

PICT0028 PICT0029

Well, that’s it. I hope I’ll see you next year ^_^


Change of plans

I know I promised that I’ll write every day my report from Japanizam but I’m swamped with orders and I’m making nekomimi hairbands so I have to make small adjustment.

I’ll sit down on Monday and write a full report with pictures and my impressions regarding this year convention. With presenting most if not all participants of Artist alley, give you the pictures of atmosphere and some lectures/performances if I manage to get in some of them. And ofc, best for the end, details and full report on cosplay.

Sorry for change people but day is tooooooooooooooo short for me at this moment, I  hope you can understand that.

Japanizam 2014 – day 1

First day of Japanizam started with heavy clouds, and in the moment I managed to reach Youth Center I was soaking wet due to a strong rain. In short term – day didn’t promising much.


Until the moment when program  officially began, crowd was  unusually big for the first day. Participant’s of Artist Alley where busy beyond every experience from previous years.  And by the end of the day so many of us faced a problem – the stock of products made for all 4 days where gone.

Unfortunately I managed to forget my photo camera so I made just a few fast snapshots before my cell phone battery run out. Pictures are bit blurry but this is just a small portion of atmosphere before beginning of first day.

IMG_20140703_134628 IMG_20140703_134647 IMG_20140703_134704 IMG_20140703_134717

And this is my place when I still had nekomimi hairbands.


Day was tiring and  I did manage to grab moment to eat, at my post only late in the afternoon


I did manage to grab a few moments and visit Loreal’s post where I got fantastic makeover from their girls, Loreal was promoting their Manga Look mascara, and I have to say I liked mascara very much!


And now I have to run, day 2 is starting soon. Today I’m taking my photo camera so I promise that I’ll have more pictures of Artist Alley participants, atmosphere and more stories tonight.

For those in Belgrade, c ya at Youth Center today.

And Happy Independents day  for all my friends who celebrate it 🙂

T -1 Japanizam 2014

I promised the other day to write more about Japanizam and it’s program, but last two days my internet connection was almost nonexistent to wonky (my cell phone calls it that way) at best.

Well, Japanizam starts tomorrow!!!

And my preparations are in full speed. So I don’t have too much time for writing. Lett me show you just a bit of mess and my “little helper”  🙂

IMG_20140627_141916 IMG_20140627_142157

“No, this is mine and I won’t let you have it.”


We where putting tags on neko necklaces. Kage was more than little interested in them.

IMG_20140630_145730 IMG_20140630_150844



It is more than clear that my “topic” for this year Japanizam’s Artist Alley is neko ^_^


In the end there is only one thing more to say, I’ll do my best to write you my impressions from day to day. So be sure to drop by and see the atmosphere at this year Japanizam.

See you all tomorrow 😉

Tick tock the clock is ticking T-4

It is finally time for me to stop being so lazy and update my blog.  Reason? By definition I shouldn’t have any special reason but around this time of year there is one, BIG one.

Ti’s only 4 days left until beginning of Japanizam in organization of NGO Sakurabana, and as you all know I participate every year in Artist alley part.

Now I have to be honest, I wasn’t all that lazy, preparations for  Artist Alley takes time, lots of it. And this year I had focus on special treat (pictures below will tell all)

IMG_20140624_002744Lol, not that one! This ones 🙂

IMG_20140627_142212 IMG_20140627_142244

And yes he is my little helper, my inspiration and he is a reason why my neko necklaces and nekomimi hairbands are not suitable for people allergic to cats :(.

Since my focus was on crocheting I didn’t do much of a tatting lately, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t have any of tatted lace on display.  In fact , I plan to give huge discount on all tatted items since I plan to make space for new collections.

So, this year all tatted items will be on 50 – 70% discount!

(I have to emphasize that most of these are not my designs and when I found time to post them on my FB Page  in description you’ll be able to see  names of a designers with proper credits)

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021

Well, that’s it, for today. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about plans for this years Japanizam program, and maybe some of creative mess (mostly just mess – LOL )   that is my working environment.

See ya all in FOUR DAYS!!!