T -1 Japanizam 2013 – TOMORROW!!!

Evening before the big day. 

Japanizam 2013 starts tomorrow!!!

After all running in circles, panicky preparations and last minute tatting I’m finally peaceful. Everything is packed and ready to be displayed.

I had to make some decisions, so I decided to put some some older peaces to a huge discount. Reason? Simply, I need space for new ones. So here are some old things that will be on that discount:

(only the white and black is left)

And, of course, a ton of new necklaces, chokers, bracelets and earrings all tatted. I will not post their pictures now … they are suprise! 😉

Well, one thing is not so much surprise as something that is available ONLY on JAPANIZAM’s Artist Alley – my NEKO NECKLACES! This year I have 17 of them and some are already reserved… ^_^

This year tho I gave myself a mission  – every evening, when I return from Japanizam I will write a blog entry to summarise   my impressions.

So, be alert and read about it.

I just can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

I’m so excited!