#ChibiCon2015 – Lesson learned ‪#CCSakurabana

This years ChibiCon, “small” winter festival held by Sakurabana Belgrade, is over. It was fantastic, fun and tiresome for “us” on the “other side” of the selling stands.

For years I’m participating in Artist Alley, that’s arts and crafts selling part of ChibiCon and Japanizam. And every year I underestimate the number of hairbands/necky’s for my stand. Well this year it was total bust! All my stuff was gone only 3h after opening on the first day. I had 12 sets of hairbands and neko chokers made as a gift for Sakurabana, even that was sold out until the end of first day (all money from that went to Sacurabana as donation for  #CCSakurabana).

In a nutshell, I learned my lesson!!! And I’m starting with preparations for this year Japanisam2015 NOW!!!
20150123_141854 20150123_142935

This year I had to face the worse thing any one who make craft can face – to tell that I don’t have more hairbands/neko chokers and to see disappointed look on children’s faces. I don’t want to face that feelings ever again 😦

As for ChibiCon 2015 goes, this was everything but SMALL festival!!! The number of people was unexpected more than 2000 people for 2 days!!! You can read how our organizers have experienced this year’s ChibiCon in their report (it’s on my native language – Serbian so be sure to turn on translator in your browser):
ChibiCon 2015 Report 

As for my impressions goes – I had to miss most of it once again. I did manage to take few quick snapshots on the other day, with traditionally poor camera.

This was my spot Sulless Art

And these where some of the other participants in Artist Alley:

On the second day Mina Mistiqarts an me had our place under the spotlights with lecture “Anime vs Jdorama”
These pictures are from official Sakurabana album taken by Bojan Vasiljević

Of course, the “backbone” of every event are volunteers, and this year they where helping and giving “free hugs” 🙂

Bit one thing that really made me happy is a piece of paper, this one<3
Well, I’m going back to my crochet hook.

Tatting day by day

Moraću da pređem na dvojezično pisanje.  To je prvo što moram svima da najavim.

One of the first things I have to say is that  I’ll have to start writing my entries bilingually. 

Neću reći da sam sad iskusna u tattingu, još sam daleko od toga, ali napredujem sve više i to me raduje.  Ima već dva meseca kako sam počela a učim tatting (mnogo više mi se dopada termin frivolite) i ne mogu vam opisati koliko je zadovoljstvo kada uspešno privedem kraju neki projekat. Za sad sam shvatila da mi je mnogo lakše da čitam vizuelne šeme. Naučila sam da radim sa dva kalemčića. A počela sam da pronalazim i radnje po Beogradu koje imaju konac koji mnogo više odgovara tatting-u od onog koji imam u zalihama.

I won’t say that I’m experienced tatter, far from it, but my skills are improving daily. I’m practicing tatting (I really prefer term frivolite) for two months now and I cant even begin to describe how satisfactory is to finish a project I’m working on. For now it’s much easier if I have visual pattern for my project. Also, I learned how to work with two shuttles. Ana, most importantly, I found some shops in Belgrade where I can buy some good yarns for tatting, better than I have in my house now.    

Trenutno sam uzela malo komplikovaniji projekat, tek da vidim da li sam “dorasla izazovu”, pravim Celtic bookmark. Za sada je sve još uvek u delovima i zahvaljujući podršci i savetima dama sa InTatters foruma napredujem lagano ali sigurno. Evo kako to izgleda u “radnoj fazi”…

I wanted to challenge myself with a bit complicated pattern so at this moment I’m working on Celtic bookmark. For now my work is still in parts, and thanks to support and advice’s that I get from ladies on InTatters forum my project is slowly advancing. This is how my “work in progress” looks like…

Zahvaljujući devojci koja ima blog Free Tatting Patterns uspešno sam napravila neke setove minđuša i ogrlica/chokera kao i neke narukvice.  Moram da naglasim da su svi moji radovi rađeni po njenim šemama i da nisu moj dizajn.

For now I successfully finished some sets of earrings, necklaces/chokers and bracelets, thanks to a girl that has blog Free Tatting Patterns . I must emphasize that all patterns for my works are taken from her blog and they are not my designee.  


Toliko od mene za sada. Nadam se da će ovo biti inspiracija još nekome (posebno u mojoj zemlji) i nadam se da će u budućnosti još devojaka početi da se interesuje i uči ovaj fantastičannačin izrade čipke kako bi smo mogli da se družimo, učimo zajedno, razmenjujemo iskustva i savete.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m hoping that some girls can find some inspiration in this to start learning this magnificent way of lace making (especially in my country)  so that we can learn together, exchange experiences and advice’s. 

Srećan tatting!

Happy tatting!