Change of plans

I know I promised that I’ll write every day my report from Japanizam but I’m swamped with orders and I’m making nekomimi hairbands so I have to make small adjustment.

I’ll sit down on Monday and write a full report with pictures and my impressions regarding this year convention. With presenting most if not all participants of Artist alley, give you the pictures of atmosphere and some lectures/performances if I manage to get in some of them. And ofc, best for the end, details and full report on cosplay.

Sorry for change people but day is tooooooooooooooo short for me at this moment, I  hope you can understand that.


Japanizam 2014 – day 1

First day of Japanizam started with heavy clouds, and in the moment I managed to reach Youth Center I was soaking wet due to a strong rain. In short term – day didn’t promising much.


Until the moment when program  officially began, crowd was  unusually big for the first day. Participant’s of Artist Alley where busy beyond every experience from previous years.  And by the end of the day so many of us faced a problem – the stock of products made for all 4 days where gone.

Unfortunately I managed to forget my photo camera so I made just a few fast snapshots before my cell phone battery run out. Pictures are bit blurry but this is just a small portion of atmosphere before beginning of first day.

IMG_20140703_134628 IMG_20140703_134647 IMG_20140703_134704 IMG_20140703_134717

And this is my place when I still had nekomimi hairbands.


Day was tiring and  I did manage to grab moment to eat, at my post only late in the afternoon


I did manage to grab a few moments and visit Loreal’s post where I got fantastic makeover from their girls, Loreal was promoting their Manga Look mascara, and I have to say I liked mascara very much!


And now I have to run, day 2 is starting soon. Today I’m taking my photo camera so I promise that I’ll have more pictures of Artist Alley participants, atmosphere and more stories tonight.

For those in Belgrade, c ya at Youth Center today.

And Happy Independents day  for all my friends who celebrate it 🙂

T -1 Japanizam 2014

I promised the other day to write more about Japanizam and it’s program, but last two days my internet connection was almost nonexistent to wonky (my cell phone calls it that way) at best.

Well, Japanizam starts tomorrow!!!

And my preparations are in full speed. So I don’t have too much time for writing. Lett me show you just a bit of mess and my “little helper”  🙂

IMG_20140627_141916 IMG_20140627_142157

“No, this is mine and I won’t let you have it.”


We where putting tags on neko necklaces. Kage was more than little interested in them.

IMG_20140630_145730 IMG_20140630_150844



It is more than clear that my “topic” for this year Japanizam’s Artist Alley is neko ^_^


In the end there is only one thing more to say, I’ll do my best to write you my impressions from day to day. So be sure to drop by and see the atmosphere at this year Japanizam.

See you all tomorrow 😉

Tick tock the clock is ticking T-4

It is finally time for me to stop being so lazy and update my blog.  Reason? By definition I shouldn’t have any special reason but around this time of year there is one, BIG one.

Ti’s only 4 days left until beginning of Japanizam in organization of NGO Sakurabana, and as you all know I participate every year in Artist alley part.

Now I have to be honest, I wasn’t all that lazy, preparations for  Artist Alley takes time, lots of it. And this year I had focus on special treat (pictures below will tell all)

IMG_20140624_002744Lol, not that one! This ones 🙂

IMG_20140627_142212 IMG_20140627_142244

And yes he is my little helper, my inspiration and he is a reason why my neko necklaces and nekomimi hairbands are not suitable for people allergic to cats :(.

Since my focus was on crocheting I didn’t do much of a tatting lately, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t have any of tatted lace on display.  In fact , I plan to give huge discount on all tatted items since I plan to make space for new collections.

So, this year all tatted items will be on 50 – 70% discount!

(I have to emphasize that most of these are not my designs and when I found time to post them on my FB Page  in description you’ll be able to see  names of a designers with proper credits)

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021

Well, that’s it, for today. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about plans for this years Japanizam program, and maybe some of creative mess (mostly just mess – LOL )   that is my working environment.

See ya all in FOUR DAYS!!!

Serbia Floods

My dear friends,

I didn’t write these past few days that’s why I’m writing about it now.

My country is struggling with biggest disaster in past 120 years. And this is not exaggeration when one considers that in past 20 years we survived war and bombing, but this is not a topic now.

Heavy rains caused devastating floods that destroyed homes. So many people lost their homes and everything they had. Livestock and animals are drowned, fields are under water, and human lives are lost – how many? We still don’t know for sure, but number are higher with every passing day.

City Obrenovac is under the water, and the worst flood hit them hard, people are evacuated from their homes and most of them are in temporary shelters all around Belgrade. But other cities and  large number of villages are also devastated with the floods.

These is footage of my country now (city Obrenovac):

And I’m proud of people in my country and very grateful for all other countries, specially ex-YU for their help!!!

We are doing all in our power but  our problem are still not over.

Our government and our Red Cross opened accounts for all those who are willing to help us with donations (just click on a picture for link to red cross page or pay pall page):





We are in need of bottled drinking water, canned food, medicines, personal hygiene products and disinfectants, especially diapers for babies and adults, disposable kitchen utensils (plastic glasses, cups, forks, knives and spoons), but all other things as well.

Dear friends, I call you now to help us as much as you can and in any way you can, if nothing else than just spread the word. Share this or any other text with these information.  If you are using twitter use #SerbiaNeedsHelp or/and #SerbiaFloods.

And not to forget our neighbors who are also hit by floods in a same way Bosnia (#BosniaNeedsHelp) and Croatia (#CroatiaNeedsHelp).

Thank you!!!

Tatting on the go

Last month or so I was more absent from the home than I was in a long time. Yes, my work do include some field from time to time but his was like a roller-coaster ride.

First I had private trip to Vienna.  I had a great time strolling trough the hobby shops. Even if my original idea was to loot some tatting books I had to face the fact that tatting or Occhi (Shiffchen) is not so popular in Vienna, and books are impossible to be found.

Ok, so they don’t have books, but everything else is available in most hobby stores, so I satisfied myself with some new shuttles, tools and yarns.

My friend and I even manage to find filet (netting) set – a new skill to be learned soon 🙂

One thing tho, the price of yarns are high (almost doubled than they are here in Belgrade) and I bought just the colors or brand that are hard or impossible to find here.

Well, not all shopping was amusing! In one small shop, that I really liked in the beginning I had misfortune to choose 4 balls of tread, I paid for them, but when I got home and open the bag they packed me only one ball of tread. And of course, they didn’t want to discuss possibility of their mistake  so in the end I ended up short for money I paid. Even now I’m not so much sorry for “stolen” money but rather for colors of tread. Needless to say that was shop which had most of tatting tools and even bobbing lace course (at first I was thinking to pay for few classes, but after that I just didn’t go back there).

But even that couldn’t stop me from enjoying my visit. I had my tatting with me and I did tat in the bus on my way to Vienna and back, on my friends terrace, … whenever I had a chance.

IMG_20140328_153038 IMG_20140328_153046 IMG_20140328_153104

I did some crocheting as well and made 2 hairbands with Kitty ears for my friend’s daughters.

DSC_0003 DSC_0004

I spent 7 wonderful days in Vienna and got back home for long enough to re-pack my things and head straight on business trip to Podgorica (Monte Negro).

My tatting traveled with me once again. This time I was working on Dragon for my friend’s younger daughter. Pattern of choice was Minor Norwegian Dragon by Anne Bruvold 

IMG_20140403_084511 IMG_20140403_084518PICT0101

Well, tatting on the go has some drawbacks too. Mistakes are much more easier to happen if you are in bus or coffee shop than if you are at home. I’m not excluded from this rule and I did had few of those…

On my way to Vienna I was talking to a lady in bus, explaining her about tatting and forgot to pay attention to my work in hands – result was this


With a dragon I messed up second wing, but unlike some easier solved mistakes (where I can cut off mistake and just re-tat) I had to an-tat the whole wing and do it all over again (I was working with yarn I can’t buy in Serbia and running low on it!).

IMG_20140406_114911 IMG_20140406_114918 IMG_20140406_164646

Just a quick note for all who asked me before – mistakes are part of creative process, and I do like to show them as well. In the end it all comes to this: the end product is what really matters 😉

  Well, all’s well that end’s well! Dragon for a little lady is done and now I’ll start to work on ladybugs for her sister ^_^


Soon I’ll have some update on progress of Renulek’s  Spring Doily. Until then happy tatting!!!

Renulek’s 2014 Spring Doily – first times, complicating a life and some other things that make me smile :)

For a long time I didn’t had any entries to this blog, real life caught up with me big time – and in a good way too ^_^

Past couple of months I was lucky – I had chance to experience some thing for the first time in my life. Best of them is that my bf moved in and now we live together.

Sometime before end of 2013. I joined No Hate speech on the internet movement and had a chance to work with junior school kids with special needs. My heart was filled with joy and warmth for those brave and creative young people.

And last but not least “first time” is about tatting!

I joined tat-a-long project on InTatters forum. Project “Renulek’s 2014 Spring Doily” began on Renulek’s blog. And this is officially my first time that I tat doily!!! Now, I have confession to make – I love, love, love doily’s!!! Mostly people around me make fun of that (making jokes that I’m gonna put them on a top of TV or my PC monitor) which is a reason for me to avoid making them until now.

Well, I gathered my courage,  I clenched my teeth and dove in to this project with great enjoyment! So far I finished 3 rounds

IMG_20140306_125629 IMG_20140306_193438


At this point my complicating of life started :D. I wanted to do round 4 with all rings in blue and all chains in beige so I tried something new – tatting with 2 shuttles and a ball.

In my first attempt I realized that I have to  “tie up” shuttles somehow when I’m doing chains – if they are not tied they “run” >_<, and finally I came up with this solution


Bit uncomfortable for work , slowed me down considerably but I got desired effect. Or so I thought!!!  My chains where bulky, much ticker than the rest of my work and they literally “killed” lacy look of my doily 😦

PICT0015In the end I had to abandon the ideal of different colors for rings and chains in that round, this morning I started to work round 4 in beige.

I’ll continue to write about my progress as much as my job permits (I can tat in a bus, plane or during small breaks but writing on the blog demands a bit more time).

And thing that makes me smile is  my soon to be born niece <3. I want to make for her pair of tatted baby booties and tatted baby bonnet as well as few crocheted baby booties.

Next week I plan a small break, to “recharge my batteries” before I start to realize all I plan to do and have to do kicks in with full strength and visit my best friend in Vienna.

In conclusion, this spring  will be busy, busy,  busy for me between my “together life”, my work and my tatting/crocheting – and I’m looking forward to it with all my heart!

I hope that all of you have at least as many reasons (if not even more) to smile this spring .

Happy life and happy tatting!