#WeAreKATTUN Project – followup


For today #HYPHEN community had scheduled event on Twitter: #WeAreKATTUN and now –  hours after appointed time I can say only one thing KAT-TUN has the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!!!

People were tweeting  for hours, literally from all parts of the world mostly on english but on their own languages as well. Since I was tracking tweets via # mark I can say that in a peak moment it was some 20 – 30 tweets on 10 seconds time if not even more.

For full 4-5 hours lasted euphoria on Twitter. It was really great chance to show all in JE how much KAT-TUN is really popular  not only in Japan but even in countries that boys most likely never heard of.

Finally, after 6h, Twitter is quiet. But tnx to some people from Twitter we do have some stats: In the second hour of event #wearekattun was ranked on 48th place


And now we have 2 more great tweets!

First one is some more stats: in the Peak of the event there was 5200 tweets – source HERE.

Second one is from the @kattun_defend and that one really made my day “[Dear Hyphen around the world] I’ve sent a mail about this ( # WeAreKATTUN ) Project to KAT-TUN’s radio. I Hope They Will read Our message ♡” – now I can’t wait for next HANG OUT!!!
Let’s all keep our fingers crossed 🙂

If we take into consideration that this was organised by fans, that event gathered people from all over the world (and different time zones!) and surpassed all possible obstacles (like language barriers) – EVENT WAS HUGE SUCCESS!!!  

We did our best, the ball is in their corner now. And all we can do is to hope and wait. No doubt – our beloved boys won’t let us down cos – WE ARE THEIR HYPHENs! And we prove that today with our Chain of Love! ❤

Thank you Hyphens for participating!!!


I managed to get my greedy little fingers on CHAIN LIVE TOUR 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, this is my impression after watching DVD’s.

On that stage where five angels, indeed ❤

I’w seen all their concerts but this one is, without any doubt, their BEST concert!!! Never before I heard them singing in such perfect harmony nor I’ve seen such unity among band members. I had a felling that each and every one of them was, maybe for the first time, actually listening each other during performances ( there was a few minor mishaps with voice snapping, but almost instantly some other member would cover it – not that that didn’t happen before, but never in this speed).


At the first glance they look a bit tired, Nakamaru’s voice sounded a bit worn out in the begining, I guess that he just needed to warm up his vocal cords a bit, Kamenashi-san was sweating more than usual and sooner (but I read somewhere that he was a bit ill at that time, and exhausted, not sure if this is truth but I read that he even was in a hospital, received infusion on a tour day 2 or 3).
Taguchi-san energetic as ever, Koki-san … perfect.
But, the biggest surprise of all Ueda-kun! Whenever I watched their concerts, I had some odd felling that Ueda is a bit pushed to the back. He was there, but…on that “but” I just couldn’t put my finger on. This time, Ueda’s performance was perfect! He was there, maybe more than any of them. He was dominant, on his own way. His childish behavior during CM’s was so appealing, you just couldn’t not to like him. He was sooooooo ALPHA!



Stage set was great, visual effect’s perfect, greatly designed show. Energy among public was tremendous and could be felt only by watching.

I won’t spoil much, even if that was my intention from the start, somehow…that has to be seen it can’t be properly described with words. This concert is a feeling so powerful that seams almost blasphemous trying to describe it!!!

What I felt watching this concert was…that for the first time perhaps I’m see, not five (or six) individuals on the stage but a band.
This is only concert from which I can’t single out one performance that I like more than all others!
Moment when whole Tokyo Dome was holding hands is breathtaking ….



It feels like I’m starting to loose my words. Well… only one thing left to say then….  Once, once in my life I’m gonna see their concert live, feel it by being there, I have to!!!