Seems like I becoming a full fledged “cry baby” lately….

This time, the main culprit for my crying is the movie Yuuki from 2006.
So many people recommended me that movie in past few days. And finally I decided to watch it. Now…I can’t stop crying.


And I remember that a friend of mine was telling me/ reading me that story (it was a long time ago so I can’t recall for sure but I know that at that time felt like he was reading and translating it in English for me), I remember how hard I was trying not to let him know that I’m crying.

Story behind the move is incredibly strong, touching but over all heartbreaking. That is something I still remember quite well. So, I was saying “NO” to the movie. But for some reason today…I decided to watch the movie. Mainly cos of Kamenashi Kazuya, all dramas I’we seen with him where blessed with fantastic acting, and Yuuki had fantastic references on the net regarding his acting in this movie. I was curious (curiosity did killed the cat in the end).

The cast crue did sound prommising:

After first 20 mins of movie I found myself forgetting that I started to watch the movie, with protest almost, only to see Kamenashi’s acting skills. I was totally consumed by the story…almost to the point that I forget who is main actor.



Movie begins with happy and loving atmosphere, somewhere in Australia, where a group of young travelers meet in a hostel. They form a bond of friendship, not a strong one tho. Yuuki (Kamenashi Kazuya) is one of the residents there, he’s working a part time job on grape plant-age with Junji (Yamaguchi Tatsuya) and Hama-san (Oguri Shun).


Few days before Yuuki is going back home to Japan, seemingly harmless toothache leads him to a hospital, as result he’s going home with recommendation to  contact a doctor and a letter with his diagnosis. At first doctors in Japan are confused with unfamiliar name of the disease. Yuuki suffers from degenerative disorder his cranial bone is disintegrating which leads to the loss of vital functions covered by the “boneless” part of the brain.


Hospitalized and facing a serious operation, already loosing his eyesight Yuuki contact friends he meet earlier that year in Australia. As a result those people meet again, and that is something they did not expected. So the loose bond between them grows stronger as they share common concern. At the same time their lives start to change under the influence of Yuuki’s courage (this is a little word play since yuuki means courage on Japanese).


  After first surgery Yuuki’s condition seams to be better but that is a short lived happiness. And his disease starts to progress again. He losses his eyesight wholly after the second surgery. But still trying to keep happy and cheerfully face in front of his friends.




His condition ends with his death in age of 23…


The story is based on a real life event.

Kamenashi’s acting made this drama so strong and painful, his acting skills are amazing. So, even if I’m not the fan of drama movies I warmly recommend this one.

But, I have to correct one mistake common on the net, even IMDB has it (my guess is that the first person who gave a review made mistake during translation and everybody else just c/p it). Yuuki’s illness don’t lead to “seven types of incurable diseases”.  He is the eighth person suffering from this disease in the world, also means that before him only seven people had the disorder since 1883 and up to that point.

And for the end, let me finish with the strongest quote from the movie:

“To comprehend the value of one year,
just ask the students who failed their entrance exams.

To comprehend the value of one month,
just ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.
To comprehend the value of one week,
just ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.
To comprehend the value of one hour,
just ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
To comprehend the value of one minute,
just ask the people who missed their stop on the train.
To comprehend the value of one second,
just ask the person who managed to avoid an accident just in time.
To comprehend the value of one tenth of a second,
just ask the person who ended up with a silver medal at the Olympics.
The hands of the clock will continue ticking. Therefore, treasure every moment you have and treat today as the utmost gift you’ll have.”

(Yuuki in ユウキ)

Youkai Ningen Bem

I don’t have a custom to write drama reviews … but I just finished watching Youkain Ningen Bem  and I can’t help myself. My eyes are still red and swollen from crying.

To tell the truth, personally I didn’t expect much, seamed to me like a children’s story, but I decided to give it a shout. After first 20 min’s I was  totally lost in the story. I cried my eyes out from episode to episode.
Story as story goes is good, anime/manga like sad but not that crushingly painful. What this dorama made so emotionally strong was, without any doubt, acting. Fuku-kun was perfect in a role of Belo, Anne is also good as Bela…but…Kamenashi as Bem is maybe the strongest of all characters.
I don’t want to join with all other Kame’s fans that scream in frenzy, yeah he is a good looking, I have my eyes and I can see that. But on top off all that he really did perform perfectly in this drama. His acting most than anything else made this dorama so emotionally painful.
youkai ningen bem 01
Maybe it’s just my impression after watching the drama, but, I can’t imagine any other actor who could play Bem better than Kamenashi. Who could emphasize their fears, pain, suffering and at the same time gentleness and determination as he did. He managed to smile and have such tremendous amount of pain in his eyes, or remain perfectly calm and still have tenderness in his eyes and written all over his face.

Of course, his look did help, and (yes, now I’m gonna join the chorus of screaming fan-girls all over the world, at least for a bit), I’m really thankful to the moments when they come back human form. He does have that feminine beauty and elegance and jet don’t let you forget that you actually looking at the male. But, by my opinion, that is one thing which made him perfect for this role.

tumblr_lx1u1xHcnl1qfp6s4(I do admit that I like the sight of his back)
Now I can’t wait for movie release ❤