#‎CCSAKURABANA‬ High School Festival – summary

Festival was on Sunday. And that Sunday morning was everything but sunny. Heavy gray clouds and small but constant rain followed by cold wind greeted me that morning. I took that as bad sign – even I wasn’t too willing to go out in that weather. Gloomy morning was followed with few other minor setbacks before I managed to go out of my front door.

Needless to say, moment when I reached club where Festival supposed to be held I was in a state of  nerve wreak. Luckily in the club where already Borivoje and Damien with Marija and some volunteers and they helped me to loose up a bit. People start to come and we had a busy task of adjusting club’s space to suite our needs. By 16:00 when our first teams started to show up things did look much better.

High mood and optimism of people around me was contagious. My “kids” (sill have in mind – they are teenagers) where busy an dedicated to their task. You could feel their excitement and optimism like electricity in the air. Music and laughter filled all the corners of Wait & Stay Club.

Some had problems with their outfits

Others prepared their booths

Our volunteers where ready too

Same as our maids

All was set and 10 minutes before official start people started to “break in” so we opened our doors. Festival officially  started. And I have to say – it was huge and undeniable success!!! 

Number of visitors was exceeded our expectations. And atmosphere was … I can’t describe it properly with words. Everybody had fun – our teams as well as guests. This was Festival but at the same time a fund-raiser for CCSakurabana, but in one point we all forgot about fund raising part and we where all just sucked in to the swirl of good mood and fun. Maybe words can’t describe but we have video to show you how it all looked like

And photos as well

 And we had some media representatives, so we have a great photo gallery on nadlanu.com portal magazine (check out the link!): http://www.nadlanu.com/pocetna/zabava/Manga-festival-Beogradski-srednjoskolci-prikupljaju-sredstva-za-svoj-kulturni-centar.g-1795437.131.html
nd in Monday local newspaper a small article about event:

In the end We where happy and tired but with that hyper feeling that you have when life trow you a great and fantastically overwhelming surprise. We gathered descent sum of money for our future Cultural Center Sakurabana. But most importantly we had Festival that made all our “kids” happy and satisfied – truly anime/j-drama/blog footage’s and texts like event. It was clear to us that something like this gonna happen again, a unspoken promise to all Sakurabana’s members and to us.

But more than anything else, to me, this was a proof that even if it seems like we are swim against the tide and fight with windmills – we are doing the right thing  and all our efforts are worthwhile! So we will keep on fighting!!!

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