Festivals, creative workshops, Sakurabana and me

Last month I promised that I’ll write more about Sakurabana, but I didn’t follow true my promise. There is a reason for that, great one at that!!! I was busy helping them and doing what I do for them on monthly basis.

So what I do for them?

Once a month I hold a “lecture” as we call it, truth is that’s a workshop, very interactive. We talk about Japanese music, popular music, we choose a band and talk about it. I prepare some information about that band or a singer. We gather and talk. There is a lots of kids (I call them my kids but they are teenagers, very bright young people) who come there to learn something more or just to share their knowledge. So sometimes I teach them but sometimes  they teach me, and that’s the best part. We had one “lecture” recently, we talked about Buck-Tick. Those “kids” are my source of positive energy.

And how I was helping them?

Well, I had an idea about festival, and people from Sakurabana loved the idea so they let me organize a festival – we call it a High School Festival. And I have to emphasize that I did this FOR Sakurabana and with help of people from Sakurabana.

Basically, if you watch anime, j-dorama or just read about Japan you can’t miss it, those festivals are part of Japanese life and growing up. They bring communities together, they are good way to meet neighbors, but in schools – they tend to show best skills and abilities of children. They put ascent to children’s  creativity, team work and ingenuity.

And, once again, Sakurabana’s kids prove to be source of great positive energy! They are bearers of this festival, they had ideas for festival activities, they are working hard to organize themselves. In 6 short days, on Sunday 16th November at 17:00 local time, they are gonna be the stars of the festival!!!

We will have:

  • Maid cafe
  • Hosts
  • OriSOr selling stand with posters
  • Music prize game
  • Origami prize game
  • Balloons prize game
  • Manga and chibi portrets
  • Fortune telling corner
  • Sweet brownies
  • raffle

And so many more fun things to do in a 4 short hours. We even have our own video:

You can call it a fundraiser event, but not with suits and classical music, we will have a joy of kids laughter and happy voices.
More about event you can find in official Sakurabana’s blog: http://www.sakurabana.info/2014/11/highschool-festival-16112014.html
r on our event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/714626968622733/

But if you can’t come to share joy with us and help Sakurabana build Cultural Center Sakurabana (#CCSakurabana) , you can still help by donating or just sharing Indiegogo link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cultural-center-sakurabana

Thank you!!!
C ya on Sunday 🙂

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