Serbia Floods

My dear friends,

I didn’t write these past few days that’s why I’m writing about it now.

My country is struggling with biggest disaster in past 120 years. And this is not exaggeration when one considers that in past 20 years we survived war and bombing, but this is not a topic now.

Heavy rains caused devastating floods that destroyed homes. So many people lost their homes and everything they had. Livestock and animals are drowned, fields are under water, and human lives are lost – how many? We still don’t know for sure, but number are higher with every passing day.

City Obrenovac is under the water, and the worst flood hit them hard, people are evacuated from their homes and most of them are in temporary shelters all around Belgrade. But other cities and  large number of villages are also devastated with the floods.

These is footage of my country now (city Obrenovac):

And I’m proud of people in my country and very grateful for all other countries, specially ex-YU for their help!!!

We are doing all in our power but  our problem are still not over.

Our government and our Red Cross opened accounts for all those who are willing to help us with donations (just click on a picture for link to red cross page or pay pall page):





We are in need of bottled drinking water, canned food, medicines, personal hygiene products and disinfectants, especially diapers for babies and adults, disposable kitchen utensils (plastic glasses, cups, forks, knives and spoons), but all other things as well.

Dear friends, I call you now to help us as much as you can and in any way you can, if nothing else than just spread the word. Share this or any other text with these information.  If you are using twitter use #SerbiaNeedsHelp or/and #SerbiaFloods.

And not to forget our neighbors who are also hit by floods in a same way Bosnia (#BosniaNeedsHelp) and Croatia (#CroatiaNeedsHelp).

Thank you!!!