Tatting on the go

Last month or so I was more absent from the home than I was in a long time. Yes, my work do include some field from time to time but his was like a roller-coaster ride.

First I had private trip to Vienna.  I had a great time strolling trough the hobby shops. Even if my original idea was to loot some tatting books I had to face the fact that tatting or Occhi (Shiffchen) is not so popular in Vienna, and books are impossible to be found.

Ok, so they don’t have books, but everything else is available in most hobby stores, so I satisfied myself with some new shuttles, tools and yarns.

My friend and I even manage to find filet (netting) set – a new skill to be learned soon 🙂

One thing tho, the price of yarns are high (almost doubled than they are here in Belgrade) and I bought just the colors or brand that are hard or impossible to find here.

Well, not all shopping was amusing! In one small shop, that I really liked in the beginning I had misfortune to choose 4 balls of tread, I paid for them, but when I got home and open the bag they packed me only one ball of tread. And of course, they didn’t want to discuss possibility of their mistake  so in the end I ended up short for money I paid. Even now I’m not so much sorry for “stolen” money but rather for colors of tread. Needless to say that was shop which had most of tatting tools and even bobbing lace course (at first I was thinking to pay for few classes, but after that I just didn’t go back there).

But even that couldn’t stop me from enjoying my visit. I had my tatting with me and I did tat in the bus on my way to Vienna and back, on my friends terrace, … whenever I had a chance.

IMG_20140328_153038 IMG_20140328_153046 IMG_20140328_153104

I did some crocheting as well and made 2 hairbands with Kitty ears for my friend’s daughters.

DSC_0003 DSC_0004

I spent 7 wonderful days in Vienna and got back home for long enough to re-pack my things and head straight on business trip to Podgorica (Monte Negro).

My tatting traveled with me once again. This time I was working on Dragon for my friend’s younger daughter. Pattern of choice was Minor Norwegian Dragon by Anne Bruvold 

IMG_20140403_084511 IMG_20140403_084518PICT0101

Well, tatting on the go has some drawbacks too. Mistakes are much more easier to happen if you are in bus or coffee shop than if you are at home. I’m not excluded from this rule and I did had few of those…

On my way to Vienna I was talking to a lady in bus, explaining her about tatting and forgot to pay attention to my work in hands – result was this


With a dragon I messed up second wing, but unlike some easier solved mistakes (where I can cut off mistake and just re-tat) I had to an-tat the whole wing and do it all over again (I was working with yarn I can’t buy in Serbia and running low on it!).

IMG_20140406_114911 IMG_20140406_114918 IMG_20140406_164646

Just a quick note for all who asked me before – mistakes are part of creative process, and I do like to show them as well. In the end it all comes to this: the end product is what really matters 😉

  Well, all’s well that end’s well! Dragon for a little lady is done and now I’ll start to work on ladybugs for her sister ^_^


Soon I’ll have some update on progress of Renulek’s  Spring Doily. Until then happy tatting!!!