Renulek’s 2014 Spring Doily – first times, complicating a life and some other things that make me smile :)

For a long time I didn’t had any entries to this blog, real life caught up with me big time – and in a good way too ^_^

Past couple of months I was lucky – I had chance to experience some thing for the first time in my life. Best of them is that my bf moved in and now we live together.

Sometime before end of 2013. I joined No Hate speech on the internet movement and had a chance to work with junior school kids with special needs. My heart was filled with joy and warmth for those brave and creative young people.

And last but not least “first time” is about tatting!

I joined tat-a-long project on InTatters forum. Project “Renulek’s 2014 Spring Doily” began on Renulek’s blog. And this is officially my first time that I tat doily!!! Now, I have confession to make – I love, love, love doily’s!!! Mostly people around me make fun of that (making jokes that I’m gonna put them on a top of TV or my PC monitor) which is a reason for me to avoid making them until now.

Well, I gathered my courage,  I clenched my teeth and dove in to this project with great enjoyment! So far I finished 3 rounds

IMG_20140306_125629 IMG_20140306_193438


At this point my complicating of life started :D. I wanted to do round 4 with all rings in blue and all chains in beige so I tried something new – tatting with 2 shuttles and a ball.

In my first attempt I realized that I have to  “tie up” shuttles somehow when I’m doing chains – if they are not tied they “run” >_<, and finally I came up with this solution


Bit uncomfortable for work , slowed me down considerably but I got desired effect. Or so I thought!!!  My chains where bulky, much ticker than the rest of my work and they literally “killed” lacy look of my doily 😦

PICT0015In the end I had to abandon the ideal of different colors for rings and chains in that round, this morning I started to work round 4 in beige.

I’ll continue to write about my progress as much as my job permits (I can tat in a bus, plane or during small breaks but writing on the blog demands a bit more time).

And thing that makes me smile is  my soon to be born niece <3. I want to make for her pair of tatted baby booties and tatted baby bonnet as well as few crocheted baby booties.

Next week I plan a small break, to “recharge my batteries” before I start to realize all I plan to do and have to do kicks in with full strength and visit my best friend in Vienna.

In conclusion, this spring  will be busy, busy,  busy for me between my “together life”, my work and my tatting/crocheting – and I’m looking forward to it with all my heart!

I hope that all of you have at least as many reasons (if not even more) to smile this spring .

Happy life and happy tatting!