Japanizam 2013 – Day 2

It’s 3:36 AM so I’m gonna be as short as possible…if it’s possibile 🙂

Today was even more people than yesterday and I have to say each day is better and better. Day was filled with events that I had to miss so I can’t write about them, but I can Give you a small bits of fantastic positive atmosphere in wich we have pleasure to enjoy…at least in hallways.



These picture are taken from gallery where Artist Alley is settled.

Somewhere around 7 pm  our guests had a chance to take pictures with  band 101A – Japanese underground scene band.



In 11 pm 101A held a concert for Japanizam 2013 visitors.

Before concert was anime projection of Wolf Children on which I did planned to go, but I missed it…in front of the Dom Omladine (Youth Center) where we are, where a festival of brea- dance performers. So instead of watching anime I was sitting on war summer night and watching the dancers.



And chatting with our volunteers. These kids (plas don’t be mad at me for calling them kids) are silent force and huge help to us on Artist Alley and to all visitors. And I have to say THEY ARE GREAT!!! THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!

Happy, cheerful but above all  helpful.


But…let me talk some more about concert which was truly FANTASTIC!!! SUGOI!!!!

101A is popular on Japanese underground scene. Their music is mixture of different sounds vibrant, strong and passionate.

Concert was held in JAZZ Club hall in Youth Center.

PICT0038 PICT0039 PICT0040

And, as you can see we have some Japanese visitors as well ^_^

PICT0042 PICT0043

Euphoria was on it’s peak when bend showed up on the stage



I’m not sure how many people knew the words but music is universal language and we had fantastic time



Well maybe public didn’t knew the words of some songs but 101A did learned some Serbian words. They also like one EX YU popular rock band SMAK, so they performed one of their maby most popular (or at least known in the world) song called “Daire” (Tambourine)

Link to uploaded video is here so you can see and feel at least bit of energy and euphoria that we expirienced: http://s969.photobucket.com/user/Kvarta126/media/PICT0059_zpsa5d47e76.mp4.html

(I apologize for bad sound I was too close to speakers )



And while we were lose  our voices and jumping with all our might organizators of Japanizam where listening to the concert sitting in front of the hall – this is one of them 😉


Band had one bis before concert was done. In the end they received Japanizam plaquet.


My loot for today is one 101A music CD signed (after purchasing)  by band members and sore throat from singing and cheering.

Well now it’s 4:38 am and I wish you all goodnight.

See you tomorrow (or today) on day 3!


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