Tatting IS my peaceful place

Recently I’m attending Tatting Designers Class  and on our latest class we where talking about creativity. Among other things we where talking about necessary surrounding  when we work on our creative ideas…

I gave that point a lot of thought.  I read some great on line articles on that subject. But…we all agreed on one thing – you need to be in peaceful place (or at least your mind) when you work on new design.

I asked myself numerous times: WHAT IS MY PEACEFUL PLACE?

We live in stressful times! We are surrounded with things that cause stress. Reading newspapers or watching the news, struggling with day to day tiny problems, … etc. Our lives are clogged with things that annoy us on different levels all the time. Our “peaceful place” became a luxury as appear to be!!!


I finally got my answer…for me that is TATTING!!!

I’m well aware that ideas can’t be forced, but somehow I get them mostly when i work on some tatting project. That moment when I hold a thread and shuttle in my hands relaxes me, like all the worries and all the things that made my stomach tied up in knots simply disappear!!!

When I work on my project it is most peaceful moment I have. I look at the beautiful lace that appears in front of my eyes from nothing more than a bare thread. And I think about something that can be made or how can be made, something that I didn’t seen in any other book or blog/site.

Isn’t that odd?

Somehow, over the time…I’m tatter for full year now…I started to love my photos of  “work in progress” more than my finished projects. I find inspiration in my surrounding, in yard fences, nature,…, even music. But my creativity is awaken mostly in those moments when I hold my unfinished tatting in my hands and tatt. When I watch my “fingers dancing” as my friend described ti when I was showing her how tatting is done.


What else to say? Creativity is born out of creating something, doing something! That is well known fact. But to do something creative or to work on creative idea we do need our place of peace. That place is individual for every single person on this planet. And I consider myself lucky to know where I can find it whenever I need it.

Tatting IS my peaceful   place!!!

Happy tatting!



There is only 14 more days before Japanizam 2013.

Now, Japanizam was a festival that is held every year by NGO Sakurabana, but starting from this year Japanizam is convention!!! 

And every year there is a Artist Alley. This year as well I’ll be participating in Artist Ally. So in this moment I do fell … like day is to short for all the work is left to be done.

AA catalog


Some works are still in progress


Some works are still just on my “To make” list and waiting their turn. Some are already done.

And this year I’ll be presenting more of my tatted works!!! Like those…

This is just a small preview of many selected items that will be available on Sulless Art Jewelery spot.

So see you there 🙂

Birthdays, weddings and all in between

I didn’t write for a long time…life has speed on it’s own and I had to follow it as best as I can.

So…lets start then 🙂

First thing is wedding of my friend, and…I decided to give her a unique gift. Something  that she liked very much.  I made her a pair of finger-less hand covers (better known as hand flower or slave bracelets) in pattern by her choice to match her wedding gowns (there where 3 of them in total). Oh, just to be on the safe side, no!, I won’t talk about wedding in details, that’s her story 😉

With this gift, and it goes without saying, the happy couple has my best wishes for their future.

In past months there where some birthdays … mine for one…and from all fun I had and all gifts I got one is precious to me. My dear friend ordered me some tatting  tatting shuttles – so now I have one Starlite shuttle from Handy Hands and two Clover shuttles ❤

And there where one b-day party, my friend is  huge fan of Martin’s Game of Thrones… so she made a party in that fashion. We all had to choose a house we represent, to come dressed in the colors of “our” house. her house of choice was the House of Mormont…so that’s green and black.

My gift to her was in the GoT style…a royal gift (as i called it) – a dragon!


As for the things in between concerns…my pet Guinea pig got sick, so I spend good 3 weeks nurturing him back to health.  Finally, he’s feeling much better and I can dedicate my time to my tatting and crocheting.

But…the best news came today in a form of e-mail. Most wanted answer finally arrived. My participation in this years Japanizam 2013 Artist Alley was confirmed!!!  

And this year it’s all on higher level, because starting from this year Japanizam is not festival it’s a convention!!!

Soon you will have a sneak and peek in to this years collection 😉